Saturday, March 31, 2018

The difference between an article review and a book review writing

Article Review
Article review is basically the assessment of an article. The main focus is on the strengths and weaknesses of an article. The reviewer describe, analyze and interpret the article that help the readers in assessing the quality of the article. The reviewer try to justify whether the article is fulfilling its function or not by analyzing it on the following grounds;
·         Summary
·         Genre
·         Critical analysis
·         Comparative analysis
The reviewer keeps in mind the following functions of the article;
·         Audience
·         Information provided is based on facts or mere opinions
·         Main argument
·         Techniques and methodology
·         Writing style and language
·         Effectiveness of the article
·         Formatting
·         Organization
Book Review
A book review is an analysis of the text. The reviewer expresses his opinion on the basis of supporting arguments from the book. A book review consists of four parts; including;
·         Authorship of the book
·         Reviewers opinion of the books
·         Brief summary of the book
·         Awards or distinction of the book
The writer focuses on the following main points while analyzing a book:
·         Intended audience
·         Genre of the book
·         Language
·         Approach of the author
·         Writing style
·         Concepts and ideas are justified or not
·         Comparison with author’s another works
·         Comparison with another authors of the same genre
Difference between Article and Book Review
Reviewing a book or an article is basically a critical analysis. The basic strategy adopted by reviewer is the same. The both observe the intended the audience, language, writing style, genre and its function etc. However there are some distinguished characteristics of both article and book that differentiate article review from book review. Some of these characteristics are described below:
1.      Genre:
In research article only one particular genre is used while the genre for books vary. The article is scientific in nature. It is written for scientific purposes. While books are not always scientific in nature. It might be written for amusement of the readers. The nature of article review differ from that of book review articles. For example a review of poetry book will differ from that of a research article. The reviewer will appreciate the aesthetic sense of the poet rather than evaluating his grammatical mistakes.
2.      Audience:
An article review targets a particular audience however a book review does not a particular audience. The audience also vary accordingly. The research articles are read by students, professors, scholars, doctors and researchers etc. while the readers of books vary accordingly to their nature. Same is the case with the review of the book.
3.      Objectivity of the Author:
As the nature of an article is scientific. It is obvious that the review must be objective by nature. In the case of a book review it is quite possible that the review is the subjective opinion of the reviewer.
4.      Length of the Review
The book review is usually five to six pages while the review of an article is maximum one page. The review of book includes long quotations and descriptions. The reviewer has to add examples to explain his opinion.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Critical Analysis Of The Reform Of Homicide Laws

If a person takes the life of another person by intentionally or luckily, then the set of all the details that surround that murder is known as the homicide. It is not a certainty that the homicide is always a murder. Its reason is that sometimes, you will have to murder such a person who is going to kill you in order to save your life. That’s why in the US, there are different laws for the murder by keeping in mind the jurisdictions that are varying from one murder to the other murder. To take an analysis of the reforms of homicide laws is not an easy task. If you are facing some problems to write an academic paper regarding it, then you can get help from the academic writing services. Here, we will discuss the best tips to take a critical analysis of the reforms of homicide laws.
1) First of all, you should try to get an idea about the real cause of the murder. After getting an idea about the real cause of the murder, it will be easy for you to get an idea whether it is first-degree murder or the second-degree murder. In the first degree murder, there comes that murder that is done without any attention or making a plan. The second-degree murder is that murder that is done after making an intended plan.

2) In the second, you should try to get an idea about the elements of the murder. There are three basic elements of the first-degree murder. First of all, there comes the willfulness. In the second, there comes the deliberation. In the third, there comes the premeditation. If there present all of these elements, then this is known as the first degree of murder. On the other hand, if these elements are not present, then this is known as the second degree of murder or an intentional murder.

3) Thirdly, there come the actual victims of the murder. You should try to record the statements of those victims in order to get an idea whether this is first degree of murder or it is a second degree of murder.

4) Fourthly, you should try to investigate whether there are a deliberation and premeditation of the killer. On the basis of these deliberation and premeditation facts, it will also be easy for you to get an idea of the basic type of the murder.

5) Fifthly, you should try to identify all the corpus delicti components. These components allow the investigator to get an idea of the basic nature of the murder. Moreover, this thing is also helpful in order to get an idea whether it is the first degree of murder or the second degree of the murder.

6) You should try to get an idea about the two most important terms. First of all, there comes the common law-feticide and in the second, there comes the suicide that is done with the help of the modern views. By comparing these two things, it will also be easy for you to get an idea about the actual causes of the murder.